Swimming Pool & Hot Tub Removal

Large hot tub

Need a hot tub removed? We can help!

Removal Projects has removed hundreds of Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs in the Greater Pittsburgh area.

If you have an above ground swimming pool or hot tub that needs removed, we can help.

What Types of Swimming Pools Do We Remove?

We can safely remove most above ground swimming pools. To avoid any potential property damage, you must drain the water from your pool before your appointment with us to remove it. You should also make sure that it is disconnected from any water or electrical sources.

Most swimming pool removal begins at around $200 and includes the pool sidewalls as well as any equipment attached, such as filter, pump, etc. This price does not include any decking, fencing, or other structures attached to the swimming pool, for that we will likely need to make an estimate if you wish to have an above ground pool deck removed.

Hot Tub Removal

Because of the large size of hot tubs, we traditionally will dismantle them on the site and then pack the pieces into the truck. Our procedure for hot tubs is similar to that of removal of swimming pools. We ask all hot tubs be drained and that it is disconnected from any electrical or plumbing hookups prior to your appointment.

If you have a swimming pool or hot tub that needs removed, you can call us anytime to discuss your project at 412-848-1388.